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ARC/HRC/ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series

Acceleration testing machine
The Acceleration testing machine is a slide-crank mechanism and it uses flywheel as the crank. Working under a limited stroke, it helps block to reach higher acceleration and velocity. Moreover with rotation velocity of the motor, it can be tested the service life under different acceleration and velocity. Jagat Interprise is CPC MR & HR miniature linear guides authorized distributor in India

- Inject or replenish grease in all directions.
- Dust protection of double wipe blade design in the end seal have Standard type and reinforcement type.
- Available for special treatment of surface.
- Equal load capacities in any directions.
- Available for vertical (downward) and reverse (upward) bolting track rail.
- High rigidity structure.
- Environment protection and economic lubrication Long-term maintenance free, minimum amount of lubrication.

cpc ARC/HRC/ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series design incorporate four rows of re-circulation steel balls arranged in the O-type and 45º contact angle with the raceway. The rigidity of track rail under moment and torsion is very much increased by adopted the O-type design.
Although it is same in dimension constrain, devise larger diameter and more amount of steel balls, provide higher load capacities, moments and rigidity owing to its design.

Inner oil storage and oil supply system design
Inner PU Lubrication Storage Pad design does not increase length of runner block and can contact directly with all balls. Customer can inject lubrication oil through lubrication holes and can save enough lubrication oil within the PU Lubrication storage pad to ensure long term lubrication effects, conforming to environment protection needs and lowering maintenance costs. Excellent
performance when used in short stroke.
Dustproof design

Standard seals (S)-Directly in contact with the rail surface, having better dustproof and lubrication holding capabilities. cpc recommends using this type of seals in environments that is exposed for long durations to high dusts and Saw wood dust, etc. The friction will be higher than standard seals

Low friction seals (B)-Suitable for most conditions, with slight contact with the rail, and having both scraping function with low friction.

Reinforcement plate patent design
Using 2 stainless steel reinforcement plates, the L type design can fasten the screws onto the top and
bottom of the runner block, reinforcing the rigidity of the end caps and cladding.
Vmax >10 m/s           amax >500m/s2
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